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The Restaurant

More and more with time, we move towards a definition synthesis: the cuisine, which the "Goccino" now offers passes through the mother's way of cooking to reach Susanna's new feel for it. In fact Susanna's cuisine maintains a strong bond with tradition, but is capable of becoming autonomous, it thus avoids to stagnate in a sort of inappropriate fixity and achieves instead original balances and harmony.

The dishes prepared at the "Goccino" generally come from family tradition or from information collected in the territory. Very often the recipes are adapted to current times, to allow to better taste all the different elements that make up the plate respecting their flavors, which are sharp, clean and linear. In current times, great attention is paid to food from a dietary stand point....the traditional cuisine thus adapts to new ways of life and new nutrition systems that subtly yet firmly affect the recipes, without distorting them...

Codifying a plate to allow for it to be fully tasted without taking away any of its harmony, also means intervening on its preparation by using light products that don't make it too informal or out of the norm. It's a rather complicated matter of balance, but absolutely necessary to provide modernity and relevance to what we prepare.

At the "Goccino" in the composition of a dish we try to respect the raw materials and the simple taste of the ingredients. We find it important to reach a cuisine that is capable of maintaining unaltered the dishes main characteristics and at the same time makes it light; this is the reason why it is necessary to use quality products and non invasive cooking processing techniques.

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